Ghost Scream Smoked Salt 2.5 oz.

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This salt is smoked and then infused with our Award-Winning “Original” Hot Sauce. The perfect blend of bold flavor with a fiery bite. Sprinkle on steak, chicken, seafood, eggs, salads, and vegetables. Add whenever you may need a little extra flavor and heat. Enjoy with eyes wide open!

Are you looking for a flavorful but refreshing snack? Sprinkle our hot sauce salt on sliced cucumbers. Thank us later for this simple but tangy snack combo because we are sure it will make your taste buds tingle!

Our smoked salt will make any food you dislike, one of your favorites! Because our smoked salt is filled with fiery and tangy flavors, you will enjoy it on any type of foods.

Step away from simple spices and be bold enough to try our delicious smoked salt meat seasoning that will leave you wanting more. Whether you have already tried our Award-Winning “Original” Hot Sauce or not, you will get to enjoy its flavors in our fiery smoked salt.

Enjoy with eyes wide open! Try our versatile smoked salt on all your favorite foods and see what they have been missing all long!

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