About Us


Ghost Scream® is owned and operated by chef, Matthew Sisson and his wife Deandra. Together, with his culinary passion and her design skills, they launched the Ghost Scream brand.

Matt and Deandra have both traveled and were able to experience many different cuisines. They both enjoy fiery foods and found many ways to enjoy spice and peppers. “Our love for intense flavor and spice brought these sauces to life. “We enjoy it everyday and know that you will too.”

At Ghost Scream Hot Sauce we believe in a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. Experiencing new challenges and embracing fearless ideas is what led us to become hot sauce makers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between heat and flavor. Ghost Scream Hot Sauces are handcrafted with only the finest ingredients, they are gluten free and are low in sodium. We pride ourselves in developing recipes with the hottest peppers available and infusing exciting flavors to create sauces that everyone can savor. Each award winning sauce is unique, bold and made with passion and commitment of the highest culinary standards. Welcome to flavor country, Ghost Scream Nation! This is our hot sauce revolution! Enjoy with Eyes Wide Open!

Watch for upcoming recipes and tips on how to add Ghost Scream Hot Sauce to your next meal.