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  • Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce Ghost Scream Award Winning Hot Sauce
Smoky Bold and full of Flavor Everyday Hot Sauce Ghost Scream Award Winning
Grand World Champion Hot Sauce Ghost Scream Hot Sauce Spicy Guacamole Recipe Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce Label

    Original Hot Sauce

    They say it is hard to beat an original. That’s certainly true when it comes to our Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce. Featuring a smoky and bold flavor, this ghost pepper sauce is sure to become your favorite way to spice up everyday meals...

  • Chili Garlic Jam Jar Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Jam Sweet Spicy and Smoky. The Perfect combination. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Jam is a great addition to breakfast bisquits. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Jam is a great glaze on ribs. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Jam Cashew Chicken Recipe

    Chili Garlic Jam

    Sweet, spicy, and smoky – the perfect combination. Our award winning Chili Garlic Jam is full of flavor and is a tasteful complement to a wide variety of dishes and recipes. Not only is this jam full of sweet and spicy flavors, it is made with...

  • El Verde Hot Sauce Bottle El Verde Hot Sauce El Verde Hot Sauce El Verde Hot Sauce Label

    El Verde Hot Sauce

    Do you love the fresh pepper taste but want a little less heat intensity? Then you’ll love our Ghost Scream El Verde Hot Sauce. As the first green hot sauce in our lineup, it features fresh serrano, jalapeno, and poblano peppers. These varieties...

  • Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Award Winning Authentic Verde Hot Sauce with A Spicy Citrus Flavor and an Extra Kick. Green Reaper Hot Sauce Label.

    Green Reaper Hot Sauce

    Do you prefer a verde hot sauce over a red one? Then you’ll absolutely adore our Ghost Scream Green Reaper Hot Sauce. This ranchero style recipe features a spicy citrus flavor that most people describe as highly unique. It’s great for nearly...

  • Chili Garlic Paste Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Paste Extreem Flavor and a bold kick. Spices up your favorite meals. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Paste is a great addition to  ramen. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Paste makes a great rub for smoked meats. Ghost Scream Chili Garlic Paste poke bowl recipe.

    Chili Garlic Paste

    If you love garlic and spice, then you’ll love adding our Chili Garlic Paste to your next dish. We use minimal ingredients that bring on the most extreme heat and flavor. The main ingredients we use in our Chili Garlic Paste include roasted red...

  • Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce Bottle Ghost Scream Gourmet Truffle Hot Sauce
Gourmet Black Truffle Hot Sauce with Umami Flavors Ghost Scream Gourmet Truffle Hot Sauce Clam Chowder Recipe Ghost Scream Gourmet Truffle Hot Sauce Creamy Black Truffle Pasta Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce Label

    Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce

    Do you value flavor more than heat? Then you’ll love Ghost Scream Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce. Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce is full of savory spices and fresh ingredients, including black truffles! This gourmet and specialty hot can be considered a black...

  • Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry Bottle. Award Winning
Bright Curry Coconut Flavor Tasty for your Taste Buds Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry Butternut Squash Bisque Recipe Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry on a Grilled Avocado Mushroom Burger Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry Label.

    Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry

    Our customers asked for spice and we certainly brought it! Some say this the hottest sauce in our lineup. Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry Sauce features yellow Scorpion Peppers and curry powder. To cool it off a bit, we add in a bit of honey, coriander, and...

  • 5 Pack Gift Box 5 Pack Gift Box Info Sheet

    5 Pack Gift Box

    This gift box includes five 5.5 oz bottles. The Original Ghost Scream Hot Sauce, El Verde Hot Sauce, Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce, Green Reaper Hot Sauce and Vindaloo Curry Hot Sauce. It's the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys heat and flavor!

  • 3 Pack Kit 3 Pack Kit Label

    3 Pack Kit

    3 Pack Kit includes 1 Original Hot Sauce (5.5oz), 1 Chili Garlic Jam (9.0oz) & 1 Chili Garlic Paste (9.0oz). Recipe ideas on the back of the box.This is a line of products that anyone can enjoy. Extremely bold and tasty, these sauces are amazing with...

  • Green Reaper Salsa

    Green Reaper Salsa

    Green is good! If you enjoy our Green Reaper Hot Sauce, then you will love this Green Reaper Salsa. The same ranchero style but chunky. The citrus and cilantro flavors compliment the heat from the peppers for the most delicious taste. It’s great...

12 of 12 Items