6 Ghost Scream Gifts for Gourmets

6 Ghost Scream Gifts for Gourmets

Posted by Ghost Scream Hot Sauce on Dec 3rd 2021

There’s perhaps nothing more special than setting gourmets’ tastebuds on fire, leaving them reeling from all the fiery flavor coming their way. Since their tastes are so refined, that’s a tall order, of course, so you’ll need a fantastic partner in crime to get the job done. Thankfully, you can look to Ghost Scream as your fearless culinary companion and provider of gifts with just the right balance of heat and flavor. Wondering just what Ghost Scream gifts to consider? Here’s a look at all their fantastic items.

1. Hot Sauce

When gourmets want to kick their culinary experience up a notch, all it takes is a dash or two of  hot sauce. But not just any hot sauce will do. You need a truly high-quality concoction from Ghost Scream to spice up your gourmet’s life just right.

Their hot sauce products range from the tried and true Original Hot Sauce to their wickedly devilish Green Reaper Hot Sauce. For a milder kick without compromising on flavor, go with their awe-inspiring green hot sauce, the El Verde, instead.

If you’d like to really think outside the box, look to the Ghost Truffle Hot Sauce and Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry. Their out-of-this-world delicious flavors are undoubtedly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, making it a noteworthy gift to give any gourmet food enthusiast.

Always made with the freshest ingredients around, all their hot sauces go great on eggs, baked apples, and everything in between. No matter which sauces you choose, consider going with single bottles to get a variety. Or you can go all out by getting a half-case of just one flavor, putting six full bottles of deliciousness at their fingertips.

2. Chili Garlic Goodness

To give your gourmet an award-winning flavor combination, look no further than the chili garlic goodness from Ghost Scream.

Chili Garlic Paste

With their Chili Garlic Paste on hand, they’ll never again have to endure mind-numbingly ordinary pizza sauce, meat rubs, or even sandwiches. They can just add a bit of paste to their creations to ramp up the heat and add plenty of flavor. The mix of fresh ghost peppers and red jalapenos goes great with the fresh garlic, creating a mix-in that infuses every dish with a whole lot of personality.

Chili Garlic Jam

The Chili Garlic Jam goes in a different direction and tempers the ghostly heat with a burst of sweetness. Like the paste, it works well as a rub, in pasta sauce, and as an addition to many other dishes. The best way to enjoy it is straight out of the jar, however, alongside a charcuterie board full of decadent meats, cheeses, and fruit galore.

If you cannot choose between these two chili garlic treasures, just go with both to make the best impression possible. Want to become their favorite person ever? Pick up a case of each to give them a full year of flavor.

3. Smoked Salt

If the gourmet in your life loves to sprinkle on the flavor, then you cannot go wrong with the Ghost Scream Smoked Salt. To create this lovely spice, they put salt in a smoker to absorb all that woody, smoky flavor. Then, they infuse it with their Original Hot Sauce to elevate its flavor profile even more.

With that move, this salt becomes bold enough to make even the plainest foods taste like a delicacy. Celery? Red Delicious apples? Boiled chicken? That’s right. They all become more than edible, although this salt is best reserved for the best of the best since it’s such a treat on practically everything.

Just a quick word of warning: This smoky, fiery salt goes fast because once your gourmet gets a taste, they will sprinkle it on every single food they eat. So, don’t hesitate to get more than one bag if you think they’ll get a kick out of this unique salt.

4. Tasty Gift Boxes

If your gourmet loves to dabble in new foods, then go for a gift box to get a great deal on the fan favorites. For the diehard hot sauce enthusiast, go with the 5 Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set. In that set, you’ll find all five of their hot sauce flavors packaged together in one attractive box.

If you’d like to go the garlic route, get the 3 Pack Kit instead, which comes with Garlic Chili Paste, Garlic Chili Jam, and a bottle of their Original Hot Sauce. You can also create a gift box all your own by mixing and matching their products to create your perfect combo.

5. Ghost Scream Swag

Once your gourmet giftee gets a taste of the Ghost Scream experience, they’ll be singing the praises of their favorite hot sauce store all over town. So, to help them out, load them up on branded swag.

The tote bags inspire others to join the Ghost Scream revolution to bring everyone together through big, bold flavors. The snapback hats, on the other hand, keep things simple and classy, so they can just point to the cap when people ask them what sauce they’re rolling out.

Want to Take Your Ghost Scream to the Next Level?

If you want to really go big on the gift-giving, consider taking your Ghost Scream gourmet hot sauce to the next level by adding:

  • Holy Grail Steak gift card
  • Seasoned cast iron Dutch oven
  • Blue carbon steel wok
  • Outdoor pizza oven 
  • Marble cheese board 
  • Sous vide cooker
  • Santoku knife
  • Olivewood salt keeper

If you really want to leave your gourmet feeling wowed, then get an outdoor smoker, like The Big Green Egg. Then, they can try their hand at whipping up tasty meat, veggie, and fruit concoctions to douse in their favorite specialty hot sauce flavors.

To find the best items, just reflect on what you know they love and build on that. If they’re a low-carb enthusiast with a love for salted meats, for example, get a bacon sampler box to go with their keto hot sauce. Think a sweet and spicy kick will go over better? Then, think raw local honey and Vosges Haut-Chocolat with a little  ghost pepper hot sauce on the side.

No matter how you handcraft the perfect gift for the gourmet in your life, they’re sure to love their Ghost Scream experience. So, go all out in selecting the perfect items, and then get ready for their whoops of delight as they open – and sample – their gifts.