Origin of the Ghost Pepper

Origin of the Ghost Pepper

Posted by Ghost Scream Hot Sauce on May 18th 2021

If you can handle the heat, you’ll love our line of specialty hot sauce flavors featuring the infamous Ghost Pepper. After all, our name is Ghost Scream.

But what is the Ghost Pepper and where in the world did it come from? Once holding the Guinness Book of World Records title for the hottest pepper on the planet, this ghost chili is a fan favorite for those who love to feel the burn.

Ready to learn about the origin of the ghost pepper and why so many people love the intense flavor? Let’s dive right in. Here are seven interesting facts to ponder.

1. The Ghost Pepper Originated in India

While some people think the Ghost Pepper is a new cultivation, the truth is that it has been growing in Northern India for hundreds of years.

Referred to as the Bhut Jolokia or Naga Jolokia, the raw pepper grows to somewhere between 2.5 to 3.3-inches long. The color is most often red, but there are other varieties that come in varying colors.

Oh… and the important part. The Ghost Pepper comes in at a whopping one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). That makes it one of the hottest peppers on the planet and a favorite of hot sauce fans everywhere.

2. The Name Comes from the Assam Language

The term Ghost Pepper isn’t something someone in the western world made up. The "Bhut" in "Bhut Jolokia" means ghost in the Assam language. Upon translation, we ended up with the name it has today.

So, why the word ghost? Well, the heat of this pepper tends to sneak up on you. Just when you think you’ve made it in the clear, you’ll feel that intensity from the pepper. If you aren’t sure what you’ve just eaten, you’ll be in for one heck of a surprise!

Of course, there are many other names for the Ghost Pepper throughout the globe. A few of the most known varieties are Naga Jolokia, Nagahari, and Raja Chili.

3. Half of the Carolina Reaper

Gourmet hot sauce fans will tell you that the Carolina Reaper is the granddaddy of all spicy chilis. And they would be right.

The Ghost Pepper comes in right over one million SHU, while the Carolina Reaper is double that at over two million SHU. The big difference is that the Carolina Reaper is a relatively new cultivation and didn’t take the top spot for world record keeping until after the Ghost Pepper’s reign.

4. Ghost Pepper Sauce is Somewhat Sweet

Part of the reason why we love using Ghost Peppers to make the best hot pepper sauce is that they are somewhat sweet in flavor. Sure, heat is a good thing for most spicy fans. But you want to have good flavor, too.

When eating any of our Ghost Pepper sauce varieties, be warned. You might not feel the heat for a few seconds up to a minute. But when you do? Make sure you have a glass of milk ready to cut down on the burn.

But, hey… Isn’t that all part of the fun?

5. Ghost Peppers Repel Elephants

Here’s a fact that you might not know. In some Indian countries, smashed up Ghost Peppers are used to repel wild elephants on other wildlife. The heat of these peppers is so high that a paste made from them is enough to keep these creatures from coming through fences.

All homeowners must do are mash a few up with a little bit of water and smear it one where they don’t want the animals to go. In turn, this keeps damage to a minimum and can reduce potential injury for residents.

Of course, we don’t recommend using our red or green hot sauce in your garden to keep away your neighbor’s dog. But it is a fun bit of information to help you win trivia night with friends!

6. Ghost Peppers Can Kill You

For a bit, there was a rumor out there that eating too many hot peppers could kill you. Here’s the truth. It’s all about serving size.

Scientists and health experts have found that eating up to three pounds of raw Ghost Peppers in one sitting could kill a human being. If you think about it, this makes total sense. Some go as far to even say a fresh ghost pepper can be considered a lethal weapon.

The body’s reaction to the capsicum in the peppers would simulate a major allergic reaction. In turn, this could kill a full-grown adult. But who really wants to eat that many raw peppers in one sitting? That’s a whole lot of sweating and potential vomiting.

Thus, we suggest you choose something a little safer to spike your taste buds, like our Original Hot Sauce.

7. Eating Ghost Pepper Sauce Can Cool You Off

If you’re sweltering in the summer heat, don’t worry about it. It’s been proven that eating products containing Ghost Peppers can lower your body temperature, making you feel cooler.

Used for this method in other countries, the heat level from the Ghost Pepper is known to promote sweating. In turn, this cools down your overall body temperature. Seems logical, right?

While we aren’t totally sure if this works for most people or not, it is fun to think about smearing that backyard burger with green sauce and going to town. Worst case scenario, all you get is a culinary delight. Best case? You’re cooled down and you get to enjoy a great meal. That’s a win in our book!

Are You Up to the Ghost Pepper Challenge?

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