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They say it is hard to beat an original. That’s certainly true when it comes to our Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce. Featuring a smoky and bold flavor, this ghost pepper sauce is sure to become your favorite way to spice up everyday meals. 

What makes this award-winning, smoky hot sauce so special? Created in small batches in Orange County, California, our ghost pepper hot sauce is truly one-of-a-kind. Featuring quality ingredients like fresh garlic, onions, bell peppers, and spices, it’s hard to beat the flavor of our Original Hot Sauce. Of course, then there’s the addition of fresh Ghost Peppers, which give it an intense heat that you’re sure to love. Fun fact, the Ghost Pepper was once the hottest pepper on the planet according to the Guinness Book of World Records! 

There really isn’t a whole lot we wouldn’t recommend putting this ghost pepper sauce on. It really does pair well with everything from scrambled eggs to tacos, pizza, spaghetti, and even chicken wings. Those who have tried it on sushi love it, as do those who toss it in a batch of fresh guacamole or even grandma’s famous macaroni and cheese. If you’re looking for a great everyday way to spice up your meals, then this is an excellent choice from our gourmet hot sauce store.

Full Ingredient List: Red Wine Vinegar, Fresh Onions, Water, Fresh Red Bell Peppers, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ghost Peppers, Non-GMO Canola Oil, Salt, Natural Flavors, Spices and Xanthan Gum.

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  • 5
    Awesome Sauce

    Posted by Jennifer Petersen on Dec 16th 2021

    My husband and I love the Ghost Scream Hot Sauce. It is flavorful as well as hot. We love giving it to our friends, so they can experience the deliciousness.

  • 5
    My Favorite Hot Sauce

    Posted by Richard Jones on Dec 15th 2021

    I've tried hundreds and this one is my go to.

  • 5
    Awesome sauce

    Posted by JUAN OJEDA on Dec 7th 2021

    When most hot sauces are just spicey this sauce is well balanced flavorful and spicey. The best tasting sauce which all should aspire ro be.

  • 5
    Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce

    Posted by Steve on Nov 5th 2021

    This hot sauce has been one of my favorites for several years. It has a unique flavor and, despite deriving its heat from the ghost pepper, is not brutally hot like many ghost pepper sauces. (I'm a "hot head," so my interpretation of hot is relative.) I did notice that this recent batch has less of the smokey flavor I had come to enjoy with this sauce. Still, it's one of my favorites.

  • 5
    Best. Sauce. Ever.

    Posted by Paul K. on Nov 5th 2021

    Some weird dude at the Del Mar fair stopped me a few years ago and said "Try my sauce!" So he put a a blob of it on a chip, I ate it, and WOW! It was hot, but it had flavor! So many hot sauces are just hot for the sake of being hot, but this actually tasted good! Turns out the weird dude was the owner whose face is prominently displayed on the label. It's been my go-to sauce ever since. So much so that one time when we were all drinking and got late night breakfast burritos, I forgot which bottle was the beer and which was the sauce. I accidentally took a nice big swig of the stuff. That was a fun morning the next day... Anyway, great stuff!

  • 5
    Amazing Hot Sauce

    Posted by Marc on Oct 14th 2021

    I order this hot sauce by the box because I love it so much. It has a good amount of heat without making me sweat, and it's super flavorful. The best sauces are hot and flavorful but rarely do you find one that does both at the same time.

  • 5
    Original Hot Sauce

    Posted by Chandra Stovall on Sep 20th 2021

    Seriously the best hot sauce I can find. Because I know I have it in the fridge I plan my dinners to make sure I can use it most nights. It's amazing and very original!

  • 5
    Ghost Scream Original Hot Sauce

    Posted by Travis on Jul 26th 2021

    This is the perfect all around hot sauce. Eggs, nachos, pizza, tacos, tri tip, pulled pork... The possibilities are endless because it is fresh, has great flavor, and perfect heat. The complexity of flavors mesh incredibly and enhance every meal I serve it with. Great value with the 10% off when you buy 6 because trust me, as good as it is, I run out quick.

  • 5
    Excelent Taste Not Too Hot

    Posted by Jack on Jul 19th 2021

    This sauce has excelent taste without being too hot. You get the essence of the ghost chilis without being blown away.

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